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Technology once used on the Spitfire gets extra MPG, more Power, and reduces Emissions.

Afficionados of Formula One and Rallying may remember both Ferrari and Renault using water injection in Formula 1 in 1983, followed by the Ford Escort RS Cosworth in 1992. They all used it to gain extra power – until it was outlawed because of unfair advantage. These companies were using the same technology that had been used in the Spitfire towards the end of WW2 to gain extra speed.

But the original discovery, way back in the 19th century, indicated that the addition of water to the air intake of an internal combustion engine could get better combustion and reduce the amount of fuel needed. This is because the tiny quantity of steam acts as a coolant in the cylinder, and replaces the petrol or diesel which normally fulfils this purpose. Getting full combustion of the fuel means that less goes out of the exhaust pipe unused and the emissions are reduced.

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