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Sea Trek launches new adventure website

This year we are going for gold, which will firmly put us at the forefront of the activity holiday sector.

This week, Sea Trek launched a new website under their new name,Trek Adventures. The team has been working hard to design and develop the new website, following the recent inclusion of a range of land- and snow-based adventure holidays to add to their already reputable sailing trips.

The website will showcase Trek Adventures’ new capabilities: ‘Land Trek’ and “Snow Trek’. Land Trek is an exclusive holiday package that offers a plethora of activities, including walking and beach trekking, and fitness and pilates. Designed for those who enjoy going off the beaten track, this package enables holiday-goers to explore the Greek island of Kefalonia in a unique way.

Snow Trek is the latest adventure package to be implemented by the Trek Adventures team, and is located in the French Alps. From 2017 onwards, participants will be given the opportunity to indulge in the local culture, stay in some of the most luxurious accommodation in the region, and try their hand at skiing/snowboarding - regardless of their level of experience.

The husband and wife duo will still be offering clients the chance to partake in their prestigious sailing adventure holidays, which are located in Kefalonia and include beginners courses, kayaking, dinghy sailing and flotilla sailing holidays.

In 2015, Trek Adventures received the silver award at the British Travel Awards (BTA) under the category ‘best activity/sports holiday company’. This year, they are up for the same nomination, and the team has high hopes for another win:

" This year we are going for gold, which will firmly put us at the forefront of the activity holiday sector. " comments James Hobart, co-director of Trek Adventures alongside his wife, Susanna.

Building on the success of Sea Trek, the team is now looking forward to launching their new website:

“We are incredibly pleased with the feedback we have received on Sea Trek and this has sparked us to grow and offer more services,” James adds. “Our recent transformation was also a response to our customers’ needs - every year we are asked us to organise land and snow adventure holidays, and we are very excited to be able to now deliver!”

To find out more about a Trek Adventures trip of a lifetime, call today on 01789 868 002 or send an email to

Visit the Trek Adventures website here: