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6th December 2011: With over 200 stages to test your wits plus the ability to share your own creations with friends, the platforming puzzler Pullblox brings plenty of challenging and inspiring fun to Nintendo eShop this Thursday.

Pullblox is a unique game that utilises the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS system to perfectly blend a 3D puzzle mechanic with platform action. You play as Mallo, a young boy exploring the nearby Pullblox Park. He discovers that children have been trapped inside the giant block puzzles – ‘Pullblox’. So it's up to our tiny hero Mallo to rescue them!

Climb the structures in order to solve the puzzle, pushing and pulling blocks to use as steps in full 3D. It’s up to Mallo to rescue the children by climbing to the top and collecting the flag. If a mistake is made, simply rewind time and try again! The Pullblox come in an...

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