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Almost 87% of Those Burgled Are Significantly Affected Emotionally. Verisure Teams with Victim Support to Assist Them

06 December 2018: New research commissioned by Verisure, Europe's leading provider of monitored security solutions and the UK's leader in smart alarms, has today revealed the impact of burglary upon families across the UK. Conducted by Opinion Matters, the survey of 1,002 burgled UK respondents found that over half of house burglaries in the UK occurred when someone was at home, and that 86.9% of burglaries significantly affected members of the household, with over 17% of victims moving home because of the burglary.

"About half of the people surveyed have been burgled within the last year, and a surprising 49% said that they had no major security deterrents installed in their homes when the incident occurred," said Horacio Perez, Operations Director at Verisure UK. "You can't put a price on peace of mind when you consider that parents...

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