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Sentimental Brits value their photos above anything else and would save their family snaps in a house fire before any other possession. They would even leave behind expensive jewellery and gadgets in exchange for wedding portraits and baby pictures.

Photos are more prized than mobile phones, laptops and money according to a new survey which also reveals that homeowners are 15 times more likely to grab a framed pic or photo album than they are to save a diamond ring, purse or wallet.

The nationwide poll asked respondents ‘what would you save from a burning building’ and found that the majority of respondents - a fifth - said their first choice would be photographs, keepsakes and mementoes. Ten percent of people would rather save their laptops first and five percent would grab their mobile phones. Only five percent valued jewellery and money.
People between the ages of 45 and 54 were the most attached to their photographs with over 30 percent...

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