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Restaurateurs around the world can now quickly and easily make multilingual menus using the new online service

Multilingual menus

we plan to add more languages to the menu, after all with this new service its so easy

On the 24th of June 2013 a new, unique online service was launched which in its essence facilitates simple, easy menu creation and maintenance for restaurants and cafes across multiple languages. A single copy of a menu written in the native language is all that’s required for the service which will then present its user with options to receive a translation of the menu in ten of the most common languages around the globe. The translations themselves can be acquired either absolutely free by using the Google Translate engine or, for an addition fee, requested from a list of translator agencies that will translate the menu by hand.

While the translations are created in seemingly separate pages they are in fact all a single document with full inter-synchronisation functionality. Put simply the practical application is that any deleted entries, price changes and other edits need only be done one time and the software will automatically update the new information across all translations.

“Located in the touristic centre, our restaurant had to make three individual menus; Estonian, English and Russian all saved as separate documents in Microsoft Word” says Ina Polanska, manager at the Cha Dao in Tallinn. “Updating dishes in the menu became a real nightmare. Ensuring no mistakes were made in pricing and description for multiple languages was difficult and time-consuming. Professional translation agencies refused to involve themselves just for the sake of the names of a couple of dishes. With menumultitool tasks like this now take mere minutes. To help increase desirability and get ahead of the competition we plan to add more languages to the menu, after all with this new service its so easy.”

Alongside multilingualism, the menumultitool service provides clients with many other useful options and functionality;

-access to a general catalogue of cuisine containing the more widespread dishes from around the world with ready translations in six of the major European languages,

-specialised text-editing software designed specifically with menu creation in mind,

-possibility to quickly choose and change a menu’s design from a database of professional layouts as well as full-customisation of any aspect,

-support multiple currencies across different languages with on-the-fly updates using a pre-set conversion rate,

-options allowing several prices to be set for each dish (breakfast prices, lunch prices etc.),

-PDF file exporting and much more.

As of this time online service is running 100% free.


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