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During these uncertain times, more and more people are turning to the Stars for guidance and enlightenment!

Over 70% of the UK population read their Horoscopes on a daily basis from newspapers, magazines, online, on mobile and on the iPad. Whether you read them tongue in cheek or use them to dictate and control your own decisions, Horoscopes remain a key editorial and entertainment genre similar to Dating, Gaming and Hollywood Gossip.

Merry Mobile (UK) manage a team of astrologers including Russell Grant, Marjorie Orr, Fiona Graham and Claire Petulengro. Kevin J Parker (Sales Director) said “We are in a unique position to work with brands, print, online & mobile clients to find an astrologer to suit their specific audience and editorial needs. In addition to the traditional print titles using Horoscopes as an editorial feature, we are now working with several FMCG brands who are using Horoscopes & Astrology as part of their CRM, email and PR campaigns...

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