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London, UK - March 3, 2003 - Michael Campbell Associates Ltd announces the release of JCodeBox, an affordable Java application and component builder that dramatically accelerates the development of J2EE, Java Web and Java Web Services developments. At only £150 (approx. $245) JCodeBox was developed to address the prohibitive cost of current Enterprise Java development tools and promote the adoption of J2EE by a wider audience. JCodeBox allows developers to visually define J2EE/Web applications and then to immediately build, assemble and deploy the application to their Java Application Server for immediate feedback.

The Object-Relational mapping engine allows applications to be based on existing company databases further increasing productivity. A J2EE pattern engine allows applications to be optimised with sophisticated J2EE design patterns with a few clicks of a mouse. Full access to the JCodeBox code templates (written in XSL) allows generated code to be tailored to...

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