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A growing nationwide company aims to unblock consumer confusion surrounding drain insurance issues.

Championing the customer, Drain Claim aims to raise awareness that many everyday drainage problems including, leaky cesspits, broken septic tanks and tree root damage are covered under accidental damage clauses on many building insurance policies.

The only company of its kind to be authorised and regulated by the FSA, Drain Claim communicates directly with insurance companies to resolve claims, saving customers time and effort as CEO David Hayes explains:

“Drain Claim has been established to support property owners, be they private or commercial, in resolving drainage issues as swiftly as possible while also ensuring they are not paying for work that is covered under insurance policies. Many property owners simply don’t realise that building insurance policies’ accidental damage clauses often cover a multitude of common drainage problems and unwittingly end up paying to fix problems that could be rectified for free.

“We want to raise awareness among home owners, landlords and letting agents, encouraging them to read the small print of their policies and ensure they are not paying unnecessarily for drainage work. It is also crucial that when renewing or taking out new building insurance policies, customers ensure an accidental damage clause is included, it is often only a small additional cost to the premium which could result in huge savings should an emergency occur.

“Equally, with today’s hectic lifestyles many people simply don’t have the time to spend ringing around to find a contractor to fix drainage problems and then making calls to their insurer to place a claim. Our expert team takes the hassle off customers’ hands – firstly focussing on resolving the problem as quickly as possible and secondly using their industry expertise to liaise with insurance companies and ensure claims are settled as swiftly as possible.

“We are the only FSA approved company in the UK currently offering this unique service to property owners and believe our business can only go from strength to strength as more customers realise the advantages of comprehensive service that we offer.”

Drain Claim not only aims to unblock drains as quickly as possibly but also offers customers free advice and support on insurance claims to recover the cost of any work required. On being alerted to a drainage problem, Drain Claim will source a local contractor to resolve the emergency, CCTV survey the problem, produce a report on the work required, present it to the insurance company and customer, and process any insurance claims on behalf of the customer.

Managed by a professional team with more than 20 years’ experience in drainage, sewage clearing and repair, Drain Claim has access to a UK wide network of approved contractors. This ensures customers are visited by expert contractors in their local area and that call outs are typically made within 24 hours of Drain Claim being alerted to a problem.

Find out more about Drain Claim online or by calling the team on 0800 040 8310.


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Drain Claim provides a professional service to householders, businesses and insurers.

Drain Claim offers impartial advice on drainage issues, sewage clearing and cesspits plus recommendations on whether faults are likely to be covered by accidental damage clauses within customers’ building insurance policies.

Drain Claim’s insurance handling experts offer free, professional advice on insurance claims. Once appointed, Drain Claim represents customers and negotiates directly with insurers or their representatives. The Drain Claim team will organise contractors to resolve emergencies, survey the problem, put together a report on the work to be done, present it to the insurance company and customer, and ensure insurance claims are paid, ensuring a proficient and hassle free experience for customers.

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