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'Pied Piper' solution for Lost & Found property Supports UK Police & Public with Zero Cost & Zero burden

We feel that this Free model to both the Police & Public is the right model for everyone to ensure that property is returned to the lawful owner

MissingX announces that their unique cloud based platform for Lost, Found & Stolen property lifecycle management is now available to all Police Forces at no cost, providing the World's only real solution to the very recent decision by the National Police Chiefs Council to refocus police resources inside each Police Force.

MissingX free cloud solutions for the public & police effectively end any need for direct police involvement or funding for Lost & Found property operations, leaving the police to concentrate on serious, organised and terror crimes.

From the 1st June, British Transport Police, will be exclusively using the MissingX system for all their requirements.

The MissingX service provides police with an automated platform that offloads over 90% of all time & costs associated with the Lost & Found property lifecycle, whilst fully empowering the Public to use the Free service and/or mobile apps to report, search & claim their own property. MissingX does not see why the public should be made to pay for any services regarding lost, stolen or found items.

When tested with the British Transport Police, City of London and the Metropolitan Police under Operation Magnum, MissingX identified and enabled approximately 20% of all related crime reports to be reclassified as No Crime (found property), accurately and automatically with fully audited police and Crime Registrar oversight. The Service is now being integrated into Insurers and Mobile Operator systems with the capability to deliver Certificates of Loss for use with Insurance claims, leading to lower crime, expense and time.

MissingX CEO Ole-Ray Grodset said; “With the 15 years of experience and success we have in providing this unique capability to lost property providers such as First Group - GWR, South Western Railway & TransPennine Express, Radisson Group, Avinor - Norway, Swedavia - Sweden, Bagport - Heathrow & Arlanda Airports to name but a few. In this time of Counter Terrorism focus, and increasing crime reports, only our system delivers Actionable Intelligence to Law Enforcement in near real time, uniquely automating management of Lost, Found and potential stolen property. We feel that this Free model to both the Police & Public is the right model for everyone to ensure that property is returned to the lawful owner and the police intelligence / crime figures are not skewed by false positives”.

For members of the Public wanting to pre-register personal items, households looking to register all valuable items of property, subscriptions are available online at MissingX.Com. Corporate clients are able to use MissingX as a repository of data and even an Asset register linked to Lost Property Offices across the globe.

The service is available for immediate deployment by Law Enforcement agencies/Forces immediately at no fee, with Zero lead time - please contact or 0560 3859982