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Bad waste practices are costing UK industry at least £15 billion each year, says sustainable business expert Envirowise. To bring the message home, Envirowise is targeting UK offices with its ‘One Bin Day’ campaign on Thursday, February 21.

As Envirowise programme director Dr Martin Gibson explains:

“One Bin Day is designed to make people think about what they buy, use and throw away. It highlights how much waste a typical office can generate in just one day. Much of what we discard can be reduced or recycled but the convenience of a bin right by your desk makes for a big temptation to throw away valuable resources.”

Paper is an obvious focus of the campaign: office workers can get through 50 sheets of paper a day, with several studies suggesting that much of this is wasted printing that goes straight in the bin. Overall this contributes to 80.6 million tonnes of printing and writing paper entering the waste stream each year in the UK –...

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