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Apple 2015 Keynote Reaction Infographic

In a recent survey conducted by online mobile accessory retailer, just 26% of existing Apple customers said they would be upgrading to the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.

The survey, conducted between 12th September and 21st September 2015, asked 80,000 previous Apple accessory customers what they thought of the new products announced at the 2015 Apple Keynote.

When asked “Will you be buying an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus?”, 26% of customers said that they would be, 48% were still on the fence answering “Maybe, I’m not sure yet”, while the remaining 26% felt that Apple had not done enough to persuade them to upgrade from their current device.

Customers were asked how they felt about Apple’s new Rose Gold colour which has been introduced for the new iPhone models. An overwhelming 74% responded negatively, 4% of which went as far to say they “Hate it”, with the other...

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