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Lexus, the premium car manufacturer, today unveils its Lifestyle Barometer – a unique measure of which luxuries we really value in the UK. The Lifestyle Barometer looked at the luxury tastes and desires of the nation, and found that despite, or perhaps due to our stressful lives, we love to spoil ourselves – some of us more than others.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, it’s men who have proved to be have the most sensitive souls, with further surprising results revealing:

• A third of men (36.5%) and nearly half of women (52.7%) chose a city break when it comes to the perfect gift from a partner - city breaks proved more popular than either jewellery (9%) or clothes. HOWEVER, more men than women (nearly a third of men at 28.8%) claimed that more QUALITY TIME with their partner was their idea of a perfect gift.

• Supporting the recent and ongoing growth in male grooming, nearly a fifth (17.1%) of men (compared to...

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