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Lexus Luxury Lifestyle Barometer tells us what UK men really want - A smile, a spa and a city break…

Lexus, the premium car manufacturer, today unveils its Lifestyle Barometer – a unique measure of which luxuries we really value in the UK. The Lifestyle Barometer looked at the luxury tastes and desires of the nation, and found that despite, or perhaps due to our stressful lives, we love to spoil ourselves – some of us more than others.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, it’s men who have proved to be have the most sensitive souls, with further surprising results revealing:

• A third of men (36.5%) and nearly half of women (52.7%) chose a city break when it comes to the perfect gift from a partner - city breaks proved more popular than either jewellery (9%) or clothes. HOWEVER, more men than women (nearly a third of men at 28.8%) claimed that more QUALITY TIME with their partner was their idea of a perfect gift.

• Supporting the recent and ongoing growth in male grooming, nearly a fifth (17.1%) of men (compared to a quarter of women 27.4%) would choose SPA THERAPIES as their top personal luxury.

• It’s not just women who are attracted by Tom Cruise’s radiant smile – an incredible 30% of men are appearance-conscious and picked COSMETIC DENTAL WORK as the personal luxury they would value most. But that’s as far as they would go – only one in twenty opted for plastic surgery!

• However, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, with 29.8% of material girls choosing jewellery as their most valued personal luxury

Some things have not changed, though, and there are areas where men’s luxury tastes stayed true to expectations:

• The results support the cliché that women can’t park and men won’t ask directions – when asked which luxury they would choose for the car, women were far keener on a parking camera, and well over a third of men went for satellite navigation (35.8%) whereas the figure was only (28.7%) for women.

• Women opted for holidays as the one luxury they could not do without, whereas men could not decide between their holidays and their car.

• When it comes to a place to get away from it all, a third of women (34.5%) do nothing more than turn on the taps and have a bath, whereas men more inclined to get out of the house, with almost half of them claiming the only way to get away from it all is to go for a walk, a run or a drive in the car.

Jan Kidacki, General Manager, Marketing & Strategy, Lexus (GB), comments: “Britain’s luxury tastes are more subtle than we’re sometimes led to believe. We have a love of quality, but we seek subtle pleasures over the more brash and obvious alternatives.”

“Some of these choices seem to reflect a need for space and time to get away from the pressures of everyday life.”

When it comes to luxuries, us Brits like it simple, stylish and understated.


About the survey (further statistics outlined below)

The survey was conducted online by among 1,963 respondents, 16 years plus across the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

About Lexus

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Topline Survey Results

Time please, say ladies and gentlemen
Apart from a tiny proportion (6.9%), Britons can live without alcohol, whereas one in six of us (16.7%) see time as the greatest luxury. Over a quarter (27.7%) said they could not live with out holidays, whereas a fifth (19.7%) of the sample, rising to a quarter amongst men, could not imagine life with out their car.

Pearls or Pearly Whites?
While women unsurprisingly chose jewellery as their most valued personal luxury, three in ten men would chose cosmetic dental work – double the proportion of female respondents. Supporting the recent and ongoing growth in male grooming, nearly a fifth (17.1%) of men (and with a quarter of women) would choose spa therapies as their top personal luxury. One in ten of us (rising to 15% in the North East) would choose a more permanent type of improvement – plastic surgery.

All I want for Christmas
For nearly half of us (46.9%), the answer is a city break, proving more popular than jewellery and clothes. However, nearly a quarter of us (24.4%) think that quality time together would be the best present of all.

Les Rosbifs live up to the name
Britain retains its love affair with beef, with a quarter of us (27.3%) citing the steak as our favourite indulgence food. Lobster comes second with 15.3% of the vote, and one in ten selected smoked salmon. Caviar, the legendary food of the rich, does not feature on the wish list of the nation, with only one in a hundred of us naming it as our favourite.

A nation of champagne Charlies?
Champagne is the nation’s favourite, with nearly 40% of the popular vote. Even in Scotland, where whisky is the national drink, more than a third of respondents opted for champagne.

Splash Out in the Garden
Despite the unreliable climate, the most desired luxuries for the British home are actually for outdoor living. One in five Britons desires a swimming pool above all other home luxuries, with a landscaped garden coming close second.

Britain’s number one city tops the poll for sophistication
Whether begrudgingly or not, residents of the rest of the country named London is Britain’s most sophisticated city. With the single exception of Scotland, where a third (34.7%) chose Edinburgh and one in six (17.9%) Glasgow. etc

The Great British Holiday Romance
For most (62%), a single foreign holiday has become the norm. But a quarter (23.3%) of us take two foreign holidays every year. The first choice exotic holiday destinations are the Maldives, New Zealand and Australia, with women preferring the former (17.9) and men opting for New Zealand (15.7%) and Australia (15.1%).

Car luxury
It’s official – women can’t park and men won’t ask for directions… so says a recent survey from Lexus which highlighted the most sought after in car luxury as parking cameras and satellite navigation. Seat back DVD’s are also proving popular additions amongst 35 – 44 year olds as a way to keep the kids quiet, whilst the older drivers get, the more important sat nav, parking cameras and electronic traffic avoidance improve the driving experience and put their minds at ease.