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Dancing on Water – Elevating the Swimming Pool Floor

Dancing on Water_Luxury Swimming Pools

When is a pool not a pool? When it is a dance floor, or a party venue, an entertaining space, or relaxation room –in fact, with moving floor technology becoming the next big thing on the luxury home swimming pools horizon, a pool is only a pool when you want it to be, according to Jack Harding of Guncast Swimming Pools.

A moving floor pool consists of a mechanically powered floor which is lowered into the ground to reveal a pool underneath, when required. It may sound like something James Bond’s enemy would keep his man-eating piranhas in, but moving floor pools are becoming the ultimate must have in home swimming pools, helping to create extra space, enhance pool safety and increase property value.

The latest trend in luxury home swimming pools is to utilise basement space, particularly in areas where outdoor space to extend is limited. The addition of a moving floor increases property size by essentially creating two additional rooms to the property.

Jack Harding, Director of luxury swimming pool design and build company, Guncast Swimming Pools, explains “Basement swimming pools with moving floors are becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly in parts of London, and other areas with limited outdoor space. Adding a multifunctional room creates additional floor space where there potentially wouldn’t have been any previously. This helps to increase property size and value.”

The moving floor, when secured in place to cover the pool, is sturdy enough to act as a standard floor, allowing the room to be filled to capacity with people. “A moving floor pool creates a space for entertaining or other leisure activities, with the further option to incorporate use of a pool or not, enabling a lot more flexibility when entertaining” continues Jack.

Moving floors not only increase the amount of space available for leisure and relaxation, but also offer the added element of safety to a luxury home pool environment. The mechanically powered floor offers adjustable depth, which can accommodate children and inexperienced swimmers using the pool. When in its level position, the floor also acts as a solid and secure pool cover, offering peace of mind during social functions or when children have access to the room unsupervised, when the pool is not in use.

In addition, the solid cover can reduce some of the standard maintenance cost requirements of owning a pool, as the water maintains its heat and the pool’s chemical consumption is reduced.

“A swimming pool with a moving floor is becoming the must-have luxury home investment, providing an attractive leisure space, which also offers functionality and a unique twist to the basement or indoor swimming pool” adds Jack.

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Notes to Editors:

Guncast Swimming Pools ( is a family-run business with a worldwide reputation for quality design and construction of luxury swimming pools.

The company name is reference to many years of experience, using the Gunite method of construction. Gunite is a superior technique that uses sprayed concrete to create a single cast shell, and is recognised in the industry as one of the best ways to build a swimming pool.

Originally launched in the 1970s by Bruce Harding, Guncast is now run by the founder’s son, Jack Harding, from the company’s head office in West Sussex.

Guncast has a sister company, the Oxford Pool Building Company, in Oxford.

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