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May 17th 2004 marks the UK rebirth of the all-new Tamagotchi Connexion
and it has been given a very British personality this time around. As
well as a penchant for gardening, the Tamagotchi enjoys nothing more
than a nice cup of tea, a slice of cake, watching soap operas on the
telly and a damn good gossip!

The original Tamagotchi proved to be a huge phenomenon and was adopted
by over 40 million people worldwide but, sadly, it died out due to its solitary nature!
The Tamagotchi Connexion is a much more sociable creature and likes to
visit its friends for a chat or to play a game or two.

Generous-spirited, the Tamagotchi Connexion always leaves a present for
its host delightfully gift wrapped. The gifts are also very British –
cakes, pot plants and a football being three of the favourites! The new
Tamagotchi is also expected to continue the family heritage and choose

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