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May 17th 2004 marks the UK rebirth of the all-new Tamagotchi Connexion
and it has been given a very British personality this time around. As
well as a penchant for gardening, the Tamagotchi enjoys nothing more
than a nice cup of tea, a slice of cake, watching soap operas on the
telly and a damn good gossip!

The original Tamagotchi proved to be a huge phenomenon and was adopted
by over 40 million people worldwide but, sadly, it died out due to its solitary nature!
The Tamagotchi Connexion is a much more sociable creature and likes to
visit its friends for a chat or to play a game or two.

Generous-spirited, the Tamagotchi Connexion always leaves a present for
its host delightfully gift wrapped. The gifts are also very British –
cakes, pot plants and a football being three of the favourites! The new
Tamagotchi is also expected to continue the family heritage and choose
a partner for life! If the Tamagotchi is having problems finding a
mate, Mrs Busybody, an experienced matchmaker from Huddersfield, will
be on hand to find the perfect partner.
But don’t get the impression the new Tamagotchi is totally self-contained.
Without being nurtured by its human owner, the creature will become very unhappy and
disappear to the great Tamagotchi egg box in the sky.

Sales in Japan are already outstripping supply with many store reporting similar scenes to 1996 when Tamagotchi became a household name.
The new Tamagotchi has been found to appeal to both boys and girls. Whilst girls love the
nurturing element, boys get very competitive about rearing the
strongest and fastest Tamagotchi that will win all the games. And
whether you’re six or 96, it becomes an addictive pastime!!

You can adopt your Tamagotchi from all good toy stores from 17th May at a cost of around £12.99.

For further information, adoption forms or visuals please contact Mrs Busy Body at Morello Brand Publicists on 020 8439 9000 or email