“Rogue Traders” must be stamped out, says leading web directory.


Industry leading directory service Motortrades.co.uk have issued a warning to the motoring sector of the dangers of being fooled by rogue traders passing themselves off as genuine businesses.

Motortrades.co.uk was established in 2007 and has been steadily growing to its current level where unique users exceed 1.6m. The company launches a brand new site in December which they believe sets new standards in the online directory industry, offing customers a deeper, more comprehensive level of information than any other directory in the sector.

Inevitably and perhaps understandably others have been tempted to profiteer on company’s success, but often without any real infrastructure or genuine web traffic these businesses are doomed to quickly fail. Worryingly the often take significant sums of their customers’ money with them.

Even if these businesses are started with the most ethical of intentions they can quickly attract accusations of scamming and mal-practice which have a far reaching and very damaging effect across the web directory industry.

A Motortrades spokesman commented;
“Over the last six years we have built a very successful business, growing as we have from humble beginnings to our current level as a nationally recognised brand. It has taken time, dedication and above all hard work to reach this level. We have no particular issue with others who seek to emulate our success, in fact to a degree we are flattered by it. Unfortunately these businesses are too often built on sand and can quickly come unstuck, trying to run before they can walk. {{The real issue for Motortrades is that there have been occasions where businesses appear to have attempted to pass themselves off as us.}} Whether this is intentional or otherwise it is undoubtedly very damaging to our brand and our reputation.

As an established brand Motortrades have a duty to protect our reputation, our business and most critically our customers, whether this means existing customers with whom we have worked hard to build trust, or those we seek to appeal to in the future.

If a motoring business is sold a sub-standard or even potentially fraudulent product in our name, or by a business that’s in any way attempting to pass themselves off as Motortrades then we believe we have a very serious situation which we must address with the utmost urgency.

We will take the most severe course of action available to us to ensure potentially fraudulent behaviour is punished and stamped out.”

Last month Motortrades.co.uk stated their intention to improve the image of the web directory industry by introducing new levels of transparency and openness to their operation. Staff must follow strict codes of practice in customer liaison ensuring clarity and honesty.

Commenting further Motortrades spokesman said:
“Having taken steps to improve the professionalism and efficiency of our industry we are determined that a few rogue traders will not succeed in dragging our industry backwards.”


Notes to Editors:

Motortrades.co.uk is an internet directory service helping consumers find businesses or services connected to motoring in their local area.

The site was launched in 2007 to help independent motoring businesses connect with and compete for new customers. During August 2012, there were nearly 92,000 unique visitors to the site and over 3.5 million total hits. The site is currently one of the fastest growing online motoring directories in the UK.

Businesses pay for a listing which includes company name, full contact information and three hyperlinks to the company’s website. An entry also includes a colour logo, 150 words of text to explain the business activity, bulleted links to social media and a photo gallery. The newly designed site also can also include opening times and customer testimonials.

Motortrades.co.uk is the trading name of Motor Trades Limited which is a privately owned business, founded in 2006 by Steve Jakes who remains the Managing Director today. The company is based in Brentwood, Essex and has recently opened a second office in Colchester.

For further information contact:

Stuart Hardy
0044 1277 897 781