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Born in Australia in 1969, Hot Tuna have always been known as the surfer brand and for their instantly recognisable piranha motif that can be seen splashed across surf boards, shorts and bikinis. Over the years professional surfers such as Robbie Page and Drew Courtney have helped Hot Tuna gain its cult status and be an industry favourite.

Now, at present day, the brand have taken a step in a different direction and expanded into the realm of luggage, bringing the feel of the waves to dry land. The Hot Tuna line of suitcases and messenger bags, all featuring the signature logo and branding, is now available at and is the ideal holiday luggage.

With a choice of sizes from 18inch to 30inch the Hot Tuna suitcases are a blend between hard and soft shell. Featuring a sturdy back for durability but a checked canvas front, the suitcases combine functionality with the relaxed, chilled out vibe that the brand is known for.


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