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Alarming Industries launches woodpecker alarm clocks with genuine live birds inside to wake you up each morning

Embargoed 00.01 1st April (expires 11.59am on 1st April) London, Alarming Industries, specialists in hand crafted electronics for the home, today launched a new take on the alarm clock, which sees consumers buy a live woodpecker and box set, which will wake you up in the morning to the sound of a woodpecker pecking. The Very Alarming Clock is being launched on 1st April and includes a wooden box and real, living woodpecker. The woodpeckers have been bred at a special woodpecker alarm clock training ground and will be paired with owners who have a similar sleep pattern to each individual bird.

Each night the woodpecker will indicate that it is ready for bed by tapping on the wooden box, at which point the user goes to sleep too. In the morning, the woodpecker will again tap to wake the consumer up. Different inserts for the box can be purchased which make different sounds when the bird taps.

Natalie Duckett, co-founder and designer of the Alarming Clock, was inspired to launch the new product following the release of her alarm clock that sounded like a woodpecker, “We launched the Alarming Clock on Kickstarter, which imitates the noise of a woodpecker, but people kept asking if we could supply real birds. We did some research and then decided to bring genuine woodpecker alarm clocks to the market. You’ll need to be quick though, as they will be out of stock by midday on the 1st April”

No woodpeckers were harmed in the making of the Very Alarming Clock, and all owners will be vetted for suitability for caring for a bird. The Very Alarming Clock comes with a guide to bird health and a woodpecker helpline will also be available.

About Alarming Industries

Alarming Industries was founded in 2012 by Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray – both product design graduates from The University of Dundee, Scotland. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing hand crafted electronic products for the home.
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