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OpenGate SwitchAir 2U from EDP Europe

The Opengate Data Systems SwitchAir™ 2U-cooling-top-rack-network-switches helps users maintain a perfectly controlled environment for their network switches. This 2U rack mounted product ensures that up to two top-of-rack switches are able to receive the required cool air from outside the rack. This product can be installed in minutes whilst the network is still operational so there is no disruption. The SwitchAir™ works with switches that have side intake-rear exhaust, side intake-side exhaust and rear intake-front exhaust. There is a separate SwitchAir™ product available to cool a single switch having front (port) air intake. The device is powered by one single input cord which runs on any voltage and consumes only 15W of power. The product is backed by a 2 year warranty.

SwitchAir™ is available exclusively from EDP Europe Ltd and Lawrence Clark, Product...

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