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"Lullaby" Table Lamp

Trends as we know are ephemeral. As quickly as they appear and take us by storm, they quietly retreat into the distance and are forgotten, even by those who were once their greatest fans. But as fleeting and transient as they are, trends are also often resurgent, making a reappearance years later, picked up by generations who did not necessarily experience the trend the first time round.
Some of the trends that are exerting an influence in interiors at the moment, for example, are rooted in history. They look back to bygone eras and simpler times and they seek to reconnect us with the craftsmanship and authenticity of production processes from yesteryear.

The past few years, for example, have seen a resurgence in design trends that are centred around folk culture. Throughout Europe young designers are experimenting with the connection between folk culture and modernity, bringing folk traditions and ethnic patterns back onto the contemporary design scene. Read full release

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