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Britain's Worst Kitchen - Win a £3,000 Makeover

Is your kitchen out of date? Half finished? Too shabby to be chic? Do you hate the sight of it or know someone who loathes theirs? are running a competition to find Britain's Worst Kitchen and the winning kitchen will get a £3000 facelift!

To enter, post a picture of the offending kitchen with you in it and tell us your tale of kitchen woe. The 12 entries with the most votes will be shortlisted and a winner chosen in April.

Here some of the entries that have been submitted already…

Lauren Snell:
“After scrimping to get ourselves on the housing ladder 2 weeks before Christmas last year, our first home flooded. My life is now a living nightmare let alone my poor kitchen, damaged by dirty sewage water, it smells rotten and looks even worse. The walls are cracking and no appliances work.”

Danny Daniels (or as we he’s been dubbed, The Bard of Birmingham’):
“We'd love to call this place our home but it's just a house,
It's not a kitchen for 2 kids, a man and his spouse.
Money's tight we've really tried to do it on our own,
But times are hard, we've given up now, we'd never get that loan.”

Can you beat these? If your kitchen is truly bad and a makeover would turn your home life around then enter your kitchen here.

Any queries contact Matt Aitken on 07769281087 or