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ADK Reusable Shopping Bag

While the reusable shopping bag is not a new idea, in a category that has seen very little innovation the Packbasket represents a complete reinvention of the concept, offering solutions to problems which address the short-comings of our current reusable shopping bags. A typical shopping bag today lacks structure, but the Packbasket features a semi-rigid internal frame and a hard flat bottom for increased stability, independent of load, to keep your shopping standing upright. It has a durable ripstop nylon bag that is removable to hand wash to avoid bacteria build up, and adjustable handles which offer two different carrying options either by the handles as a tote or as a long handle over the shoulder.

The Packbasket offers the user even greater flexibility of use with extra accessories, including a Backpack system for carrying the bag on your back, a Pannier system for easily hooking your shopping onto the side of your bike and a Cooler liner to make the bag into a...

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