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LONDON, UK – MAY 31, 2013 – With the announcement that Yahoo, Best Buy, Google, and Twitter had called in their chief whip to ring-fence internal policy on telecommuting and remote working; it seemed appropriate to examine the politics surrounding this debate. In the case of Yahoo’s Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer, she just said ‘No’! Electronics retailer, Best Buy decided their ‘Best’ policy was to scale back remote workers, whereas Twitter and Google engaged their PR machine, used positive spin, and issued a recall to the office for the majority of their telecommuters stating, “ it promotes collaboration and, ‘ultimately’, innovation.”

Telecommuting is a growing trend within private and public sector organizations; 10% of the US workforce work from home, 9% in Europe, 27% Middle East & Africa and 24% in Asia. Contentious and debatable quandaries arise from; the usefulness of telecommuting as a management practice does it ‘ultimately’ increase productivity and...

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