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Luxury Sheer Tights from – Up by 66%!


Although we like to think of ourselves as hosiery connoisseurs, the incredible demand for sheer tights this season has surprised even us! There’s no need to just take our word for it, though - here are the hard and fast facts:

Sales of sheer tights overall were up by 35% - we can hardly keep up with demand! So why are so many of you becoming sheer tights converts and shunning bare legs in favour of woven wonders? Well, not only do sheer tights give you a little coverage if the weather suddenly turns grim (entirely a possibility in the UK… we know this from experience); but the latest advances in hosiery technology mean that sheer tights are subtler than ever before, so they give you flawless skin whilst remaining incognito on your legs.

Demand for luxury sheer tights in particular has rocketed, with lots of you choosing to opt for high end loveliness. Sales of high end hosiery brand Falke were up by 50%; while supplier of hosiery to stars and royalty, Wolford, saw sheer sales rise by a huge 142%! Both of these brands are ideal if you’re a sheers expert looking for something a little extra special for your legs, or a novice looking to start building their sheers collection.

Bare leg look sheers, having been rescued from the fashion scrapheap by a certain Duchess we all know and love, have seen an unprecedented resurgence in popularity, as more and more people are shelving their preconceptions of ghastly American Tan Tights. Our bestselling bare leg look range, the Falke Shelina collection, has seen sales soar by 42%, thanks to their clever Sideria technology (super fine for a genuinely natural look but with the durability of a thicker sheer), and range of skin tone shades that Falke have developed with the help of a dermatologist.

But not all of you like the natural look, it seems, as shiny sheers have done their best to steal the show! Proving that loads of you lust after that glossy sheen that highlights and polishes your pins to perfection, sales of our glossy styles are through the roof, with Wolford’s ever-popular Satin Touch Tights alone up by 88%!

With endless options for how you can treat your pins to a spot of sheer loveliness (we haven’t even mentioned toeless tights or ladder resist styles!), there’s a miracle worker out there for every pair of pins. Find your perfect partner with the fabulous collection of sheer tights at MyTights - flawless skin guaranteed.

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