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Make a wish with the Broadband Genie

New broadband price comparison service launched by founder of Kelkoo UK

Broadband Genie has today released a website with the aim of helping people find the best broadband provider and cheapest price in their area.

The site is completely free to use and removes the hassle for customers wishing to find the best price for a new broadband service. All a customer needs to do is to enter their postcode to check availability among the major broadband providers and even refine their search by speed and price.

Philip Wilkinson, a director of broadband genie, was one of the original founders of the shopping search engine Kelkoo UK in 1999. was recently acquired by Yahoo in April this year for $475 million.

Wilkinson commented: “For too long now, finding the best broadband product and understanding the overwhelming amount of information out there has been far too complicated. Broadband Genie does all the hard work for you!”

Most of the main broadband providers are searched by the genie, with over 30 more due to go live in the coming weeks. All of the results contain information such as price, speed, setup and connection fees, with provider profiles showing more detailed information such as bandwidth caps and software bundles. Clicking on a product takes the user directly to the appropriate page on the broadband providers’ website where they can instantly sign up for the product they chose.

Wilkinson adds: “We will have many new features available soon in order to give the genie even more power in finding the right broadband service and we won’t stop until affordable broadband is in every home”.

Customers wishing to buy broadband for the first time or move to another internet service provider can do so by visiting:

About Broadband Genie
Broadband Genie is owned by MysticBroadband Ltd, a company dedicated to providing simple and usable ways for everyday users to get their first glimpse of a new broadband world. Conceived in Jan 2004, the founding aim was to take advantage of the increasingly competitive broadband market. The founders quickly realised that consumers would become more confused in an expanding market with a vast number of shifting price plans and product options. Broadband genie is the first of many new ventures on the drawing board for release over the next year.

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