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13th November 2008; Despite the recent economic downturn Verridian PLC, the largest financial services sales recruiter in the UK is still enjoying considerable year on year growth. Its client base is still actively seeking good quality financial advisors and the market is still largely candidate driven in many locations despite recent concerns over unemployment and redundancies.

With many competitors reporting declining turnover and profits Verridian is currently bucking the trend and has enjoyed increased turnover and profitability in 2008, up 24% from 2007 and continuing significant growth of 300% over the past three years. In recent months Verridian has won new contracts and or expanded offerings with institutions including Scandia, Old Mutual, Norwich Union, HSBC, Prudential, Abbey Santander and Alliance and Leicester amongst others.

Bill Haynes managing director of Verridian commented, “It has been a fantastic 2008 for Verridian as we’ve continued...

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