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Natterbox launches revolutionary Wallboards for contact centres, sales and customer service teams

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Natterbox delivers tailored, role-specific performance information to contact centres, sales teams and executives

London September 8th. Natterbox, a UK based global voice services provider today announces Natterbox Wallboards, a powerful and flexible real-time reporting engine that delivers visual performance management information for phone-based sales and customer service teams.

With 60% of customer communications still being phone based, it is a business priority to monitor performance of inbound and outbound phone-based customer teams to deliver the best possible customer response and optimise team resourcing.

With the Wallboards launch Natterbox delivers tailored, role-specific performance information to contact centres, sales teams and executives. This flexibility includes the ability to custom display targeted information optimising productivity and team effectiveness to drive sales, customer contact SLAs and a brilliant customer experience.

“Our customers asked us to provide Wallboards to help drive their call centre and sales team efficiency and increase their competitiveness.” Said Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox. “A typical Natterbox Cloud PBX user has both an inbound and outbound phone operation covering sales and customer service, often across teams in multiple offices and countries. We are able to synthesise this complex data into easily read, interpreted and actioned information in a single Wallboard. Customer feedback has been incredibly positive.”

Breaking from just offering traditional telephony centric data, Natterbox takes Wallboards to the next level by integrating related customer data directly from the customer record in

Tommaso Romagno, Groupon Southern Europe Salesforce Program Manager said; “The Natterbox Wallboards give us detailed insight into the performance of our customer contact centre teams and this enables us to provide a high level of customer service and make our operations as effective and efficient as possible.“ He added; “what particularly impressed us about the Natterbox approach was the ability to display information about callers that was pulled from Salesforce, having inbound and outbound call metrics and multiple call queues displayed together. The multiple scrolling panels are fantastic for ensuring the large amount of information we display is always clear and readable.”

“A key element to effective Wallboards is to be able to deliver the right information at any time to virtually any device.” Said Hammerton. ”In a contact centre they can have a wealth of information across multiple scrolling wallboards on a single screen.” He added; “a manager can access this information in a custom Wallboard from their iPhone or Android device anywhere in the world and at any time. This immediacy and richness of management information enables informed business decisions to enhance team performance and customer satisfaction to be made instantly.”

Natterbox Wallboards are available now. For more details go to


About Natterbox

Natterbox launched in 2010 to solve business telephony issues and bring voice into the digitised customer experience through a cloud PBX service that captures and integrates voice into customer processes and CRM systems. Over 250 organisations around the world rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience to drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organisational success. Customers include Groupon, Expedia, Kimberly Clarke, Legal & General.

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