Talentforce is moved by the power of Natterbox cloud telephony

Talentforce moved by their telephony....
Talentforce moved by their telephony....

Growing social SaaS recruiters go to the cloud for telephony and CRM integration

Sydney, Australia. Nov 24th 2015. Natterbox today announces that innovative and social recruiter Talentforce has chosen Natterbox to help drive brilliant relationships with its customers and ensure their staff have the best possible tools. In addition, Natterbox ensured an office move hampered by lack of internet connectivity did not disrupt vital communciations.

Talentforce run one of the largest SaaS communities in APAC. They partially credit their adoption of Natterbox Cloud PBX and Natterbox Voice Intelligence Salesforce integration for their recent business growth which required their relocation to a new office in Lilydale Cottage No. 176 Cumberland Street in the historic Rocks precinct. However their internet connection was not available in time for the move potentially disrupting communications.

Lee-Martin Seymour, Director Talentforce “We adopted Natterbox for all our business telephony and for integrating customer voice communications within Salesforce.com CRM. This is helping us drive close, responsive customer relationships and great staff productivity. Losing even one hour of communications during the office move would have been a serious issue for us.”

Natterbox’s solution stemmed from its’ total geographic independence and ability to route inbound and outbound calls from any device plus the fact that it is “always on”. This meant that during the office move calls could be automatically routed to staff mobiles so that customers could still reach their Talentforce team member via their land line number. In addition, with Natterbox’s device-independent Salesforce CRM integration, Talentforce staff continued to enjoy the CTI productivity benefits of screen popping customer records for inbound calls and maintained full telephony control within Salesforce with click-to-dial for outbound calls plus all call information continued to be captured and logged into Salesforce.com against the relevant customer record.

Even though the internet connection was not yet available, the temporary challenge was solved by setting up a 4G wireless access point and connecting the Natterbox supported Yealink IP phones. Natterbox plug-and-play phones meant that they were up and running instantly and full deskphone functionality was restored.

Lee-Martin Seymour. “Natterbox never ceases to amaze me with their innovation and ability to provide a telephony service under almost any circumstances. We just moved and plugged the Natterbox phones into the 4G access point and they just worked! If we were with any other telephony provider the lack of telephone or IP lines would have been a real disaster, fortunately for us we had no downtime with Natterbox. He added; {{“Moving office is complicated enough – having the peace of mind of a telephony system that is 100% available makes total business sense.”}}

Charles Heunemann, General Manager APAC, Natterbox; “Talentforce perform in a fast paced sector and are in high demand, responsiveness and quality of their customer interactions is a part of what makes them the highly successful team that they are. Continuity of voice communications is paramount to maintaining their leadership.”

Contact Talentforce: http://www.talentforce.com.au

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