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Benzene-free Naturtint Dry Shampoo

Looking for a new dry shampoo now that your fave has been taken off the shelf?

We hear you!

Naturtint Dry Shampoo is aerosol-free, and ideal for quickly refreshing hair in between washes and for adding texture. The 100% natural ingredients not only absorb excess oil, but they help to moisturise the scalp and strengthen the hair.

And given that many traditional dry shampoos have now been taken off the shelf due to concerns over benzene, a known carcinogen that is strongly linked to leukemia and other blood disorder, many consumers are wondering which dry shampoo IS safe to use.

Naturtint Dry Shampoo contains no nasties and is certified natural by ECOCERT. It's non-aerosol and is much kinder to the environment than aerosol styling products.

Aerosols, despite being better than they once were, contain compressed gases. Each time we use an aerosol styling product, we increase our carbon footprint and contribute to...

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