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Lack of NHS dentists, poor brushing habits and poor diet have all come under fire recently as we look to appoint blame for the appalling state of our children’s teeth.

Research commissioned by Denplan, the UK’s largest provider of private dental plans, highlights some of the areas we need to brush up on. The survey questioned parents with children under 12 across the East Midlands.

16% of parents said their children do not brush twice a day.
“Parents play a vital role when it comes to instilling thorough brushing routines that will carry on into adulthood,” said Dr Henry Clover, dental advisor, Denplan.

With 100,000 fewer children visiting the dentist in 2008 than in 2006 according to NHS figures released earlier this year, brushing habits at home play an even bigger role in the early years of our children’s teeth. Milk teeth are often dismissed because they ‘will fall out anyway’. In fact, they should be brushed with just as...

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