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Who has not been delighted by the escapades of Wallace, the eccentric
Lancashire inventor and his faithful, but long-suffering dog, Gromit?
Perhaps you remember Morph from BBC's 'Vision on' series back in 1976? Or
Douglas the Lurpack butter man? These films, and many commercials, were the
creation of the studios of Aardman Animations Ltd of Bristol which has
achieved world wide fame, Oscars and an impressive list of awards during the
last decade - a cracking performance by a delightful British company.
Now the company is about to release its first feature length movie, Chicken
Run, in UK cinemas on the 30th June. An animated comedy-thriller (loosely
based on the sixties classic The Great Escape which starred Steve McQueen)
it's about a group of chickens who, to avoid finishing up in chicken pies,
engage in a daring and spectacular escape. A co-production with US giants
Dreamworks (Steven Spielberg's...

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