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PC plug-in card analyses, decodes and processes international radio transmissions

A new plug-in ISA card for a PC offering all the necessary functions to analyse, decode and process communications transmissions in the HF/VHF/UHF and SHF bands is available from Sight Systems Limited, the Worthing-based manufacturer of industrial computer systems.

The W41PC, manufactured in Switzerland by Wavecom, provides Government bodies, telecommunications authorities and the Military with a powerful signals intelligence gathering system for radio communications, data comms, fax and pager signals in a variety of world alphabets. The system may be configured for stationary monitoring of just one transmission with a single system or can range to a fully automated broadband monitoring system using a network of co operating systems.

More than 100 code analysis modes are currently implemented for all important demodulation methods and a variety of international alphabets (e.g. Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, etc) are included in the standard package. Options to decode additional modes are available to authorised official bodies, as is the software source code and a complete development environment. This allows the customer to realise his own decoding modes or to adapt the user interface to specific requirements. Product development is ongoing and additional modes and functions are continually being added.

Real-time FFT functions realised with two high speed Motorola DSPs and an applications specific processor, together with a fast display refresh rate, provide powerful tools especially suitable for analysing unknown signals quickly. Decoded data can be routed for processing on the same or another computer in a network without human interaction. Data output, triggered by an alarm monitor if required, can control receivers and recording equipment and can be fed into complex data analysis tools. Time stamps can be added to the data for precise back tracking.

The W41PC system is a full 32bit Microsoft Windows application offering a familiar operating environment. This provides the added bonus of being able to use any Windows compliant printer or graphics package. Multiwindow display of different signals simultaneously or to display different characteristics of the same signal is an important benefit to users.

Up to four W41PC systems can be plugged into a single PC providing the basis for a high performance signal decoding system. For massive data handling any node can be set up as a management console to control a whole network. Automatic switching of processing in case of partial shutdown is possible. The supervising node can be used to remotely control other systems or organise direct hard disk recording or archiving to mass storage devices.

Wavecom also offer stand-alone instruments for data and telecomms analysis and these may also be purchased through UK distributor Sight Systems Limited.

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