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Big Brother is in your phone!

We have already become a generation of over sharers, thanks to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook giving us direct access to the stream of consciousness of our friends, as well as our favourite celebrities and public figures. The extent to which we enjoy prying into the lives of others is phenomenal; however the News International scandal and subsequent Leveson Inquiry drew to our attention the imposing lengths certain organisations would go to satisfy our inquisitiveness.

It has now gone one step further, with a new generation of technological spy software available to the masses, through software company ‘Stealth Genie’. They offer what is essentially a phone ‘tracking’ service, giving their customer complete ’access all areas’ to their victim’s smart phone. That means all emails, photos, texts, calls and voicemails are automatically forwarded directly to the ‘Stealth Genie’ app on the customer’s computer. Read full release