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Glastonbury line up. Online ticket scrums. Boutique or mega festival. Nigel's Eco Store has everything for a green, clean and fun festival season.

As you enjoy the solar powered cinemas, recycle your beer cans, and peddle power sound systems, make sure you include some eco friendly products, says Nigel's Eco Store. By packing environmentally friendly products such as solar powered camera and mobile phone chargers, solar lights, wind up torches and radios, you’ll not only reduce your impact on the environment, but have a much more comfortable and fun festival!

So we have chosen our festival favourites…

Found a pitch and set up the tent…then rig up Solar Camp Shower - a hot shower you can pack up and take with you. Fill it with water, leave in the sun for 3 hours to get hot, then hang it up to use. Perfect to freshen up after a session in the mosh pit.
solar shower, camp shower

When at the water tap….try a Hydropal Filter Water Bottle It has a built-in active carbon filter which removes all the chemicals so you can fill it from the tap, and enjoy filtered water every day. One Hydropal bottle can replace about 400 plastic throwaway bottles, saving landfill and benefitting the environment.
water bottle, sports water bottle, filter water bottle

Tent party…with the Eton Am/Fm Wind Up Radio with Siren, Torch, and Phone Charger. The Eton Wind Up radio is a water-resistant wind up radio with a built in LED light and mobile phone charger. You wont need to worry about your mobile running out of juice either.
wind up radio, eton radio

Chillax with ….some Solar Powered Portable Speakers, Connect these acoustically designed solar powered speakers to your iPod or music phone, for excellent sound quality, powered by renewable solar energy. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged by the sun or even residual light, and they'll play for up to 8 hours from a 6 hours charge.
solar powered speakers

Dodge those guy ropes…wear the Solar Light Cap and keep your hands free. The two strong LEDs under the peak will light up about 6 feet in front of you. What’s more there’s enough light for most people, with up to 5 hours of light from a fully charged cap. Great for navigating through a sea of tents after a looooong night.
solar light cap, LED cap

Who forgot the torch?…With the Woodpecker Shake Flashlight you just shake. The double generator of the shake torch creates double the amount of power from shaking. Woodpecker is ideal for use near and around water. Perfect for festival deluges.
shake torch, festival torch, wind up torch

Party on …..with the Sun Jar Solar Light. It looks like a storage jar, but it has a solar cell, batteries and LED light under the lid - it stores sunlight in the daytime and when it gets dark the Sun Jar automatically turns itself on and glows with the day's sunshine. Available in orange or blue light, the Sun Jar will give out light for about five hours on one charge.
solar light, sun jar

Just woken up… use the hyG Ionic Toothbrush - cleans your teeth, no toothpaste required. It has been clinically proven to be 48% more effective at removing plaque than normal brushing. 60% of hyG users said that their teeth felt cleaner, smoother and more polished from the very first time they used.
No more queues at the water tap.
ionic toothbrush, hyg toothbrush

Day 3 and still looking dapper… try the Wind Up and Rechargeable Electric Shaver - for a close shave anywhere, any time. Just wind it up and the internal dynamo generates energy to shave again. You’ll be fresh as a daisy.
solar shaver, wind up shaver, travel shaver

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