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Offset the Government's Spending Cuts with Effective Products that are Great for the Planet and Your Pocket

The Government is planning spending cuts across every sector, and we will all, in some shape and from, feel the impact. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We can live more sustainably, and save money. And it need not be difficult or at personal cost.

At Nigel’s Eco Store we have sure fire, quick wins, to help you save money, year in, year out. Simple yet effective products, that are great for the planet but also the pocket.

It’s win win all round. So why not try out our best sellers:

Plug in and go

The Energy Wizard by Ecotek (seen on Dragon's Den*) is a clever energy saving gadget: plug it into any socket in your home, and it will start saving you electricity immediately. Nigel says “The average annual UK electricity bill exceeds £600. Using the independently tested Wizard you'll get at least 10% savings, on an average annual electricity bill that would be £60 or more.”

Unplug when not using

And did you know that appliances left in standby mode account for around 10% of UK household energy use. Nigel advises to unplug devices when not in use, or invest in a standby saver such as the Energenie Standby Shutdown. Nigel says “It's clever enough to recognise when you have put an appliance on standby, it'll then automatically switch off the mains power”.

Look at your lighting

In most homes, lighting accounts for 10 to 15% of the electricity bill . By using energy efficient light bulbs you can prevent 450kg to 900kg of CO2 and typically save £40 each or more over their lifetime. We have a great range, to fit all fittings and create every ambiance.

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

The first step in cutting your energy consumption, your electricity bills, and your carbon footprint is to find out how much electricity you're currently using. A home energy monitor (also called a smart meter) will show you in real time how much you're using, and the effect of turning things on and off. “Whether you prefer the stylish Wattson, a functional smart meter like the OWL or Efergy, or to track individual appliances using the Ecosaver, we have the meter for you,” says Nigel.

Go off grid with solar

The easiest way to save on money is to use energy from the sun, it's free. Try do-it-yourself easy to install solar panel kits for home or office electrics, and for garage or shed lighting, solar powered garden lights, solar phone chargers, solar car battery chargers, solar powered torches.

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Press enquiries

High resolution images for products available. Just get in touch and we'll send them over - we're normally very quick to respond, contact press (at) nigelsecostore (dot) com.

Need more information or products for sampling?  Want to improve your eco knowledge? Nigel is an expert on all things eco and is always happy to talk to the press. Please contact us.

Notes for editors

Winner of Yahoo Finds of The Year - Best Shopping Site & Highly commended at The Real Homes Eco Awards. Nigel's Eco Store is an award winning online retailer of environmentally friendly products that can help everyone reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources and save money.   The Store carries home furnishings, kitchenware, gadgets, office products, kids' toys and energy saving devices.