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The simple invention that’s helping stretch heating budgets

A simple energy-saving invention called the Radiator Booster that got the thumbs down from Dragons’ Den has become so popular that retailers and the manufacturer are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Predicting that they would be a best seller Nigel Berman, founder of, managed to buy a large number of radiator boosters and, at one point, was the only company with any stock.

Surges in sales coincided with the pre-Christmas freezing temperatures and increasing fuel prices which have led to people desperately looking for new ways to heat their homes more efficiently.

Nigel said: “It’s a brilliant invention – so simple but it really works. I have tested hundreds of eco products over the years and the radiator booster stands out as one of the best. We find that many people buy one to try and then buy more – some people are now even buying them as presents for friends and family. ”

The Radiator Booster, which costs just under £20, disperses the heat from behind radiators around the room which would otherwise be wasted through the wall. It works by drawing the heat from behind the radiator using a small fan. The gadget can also reduce the time it takes to heat a room by up to 50 per cent and save an average household up to £140 a year. Recent reviewers have said they’ve been able to turn down their thermostats by at least two degrees and that the investment is well worth it.

Inventor David Haydon came up with the idea when he found the radiators in his home were not giving out as much heat as he needed. He considered installing larger ones but then came up with the idea of using small fans to circulate the wasted heat from behind the radiators back into the room. He built a prototype which performed perfectly, heating the room much faster and allowing him to turn down the thermostat a notch or two. After more testing and being sufficiently pleased with by the results, David took his invention to BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Although the dragons weren’t interested, other investors were and the rest is history.

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The Radiator Booster works in two ways:
Central heating boilers use around 15 kilowatts of energy every hour (some even more). The clever fan arrangement draws heat from your radiator, heating your room in up to half the time, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner. If you could save just one hour a week of your boiler working, you would save 15 kilowatts of energy. You could easily find the savings more than this, between 7 and 14hours/week (over 100 kilowatts) during the colder months.
As your radiator heats up, the ‘rear’ surface normally radiates heat onto your wall, heating this up, which in turn is lost through the wall structure due to conduction. The Radiator Booster sucks most of this wasted heat away from the wall and fires it into your room, significantly reducing the losses, saving you even more energy. It really is as simple as that!

Although you need to plug the booster in, the manufacturer’s claim that running costs are just 1p per week. It’s made from recyclable Polycarbonate and can be adjusted to fit large and small radiators.

How much energy does it really save?
This will depend on how you use the Radiator Booster, and for how long. But UK energy providers state that reducing your thermostat setting by one degree Celsius could save the average home £70/year or 10% of your heating bills. Most tests carried out with have achieved more than a 2 degree reduction.

The product has had some excellent reviews like this one by Zap Carbon on You Tube: