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Make this Mothers’ Day memorable, meaningful and low carbon

Flowers are lovely but they don’t last long and chocolates will probably disappear just as quickly – leaving Mum feeling guilty about the extra calories and holding a vase of smelly stems.

Why not make a change this Mothers’ Day and buy a useful and special eco gift - it will make you appear really thoughtful and your lovely mum will have something she can keep forever.

As well as being more meaningful, you’ll be getting more for your money as a decent bunch of flowers won’t leave you much change from £30.

So plan ahead this year and whether she's a whizz in the kitchen, loves pottering in the garden or needs some help relaxing, can help you find a gorgeous gift. Our ideas range from under £10 to around £50 for a stunning vase.

Nigel Berman, MD of Ecocentric, says: “All our products have been carefully selected to offer people interesting, attractive and useful alternatives to the items you'll find in High Street stores. Not only will these gifts become a talking point this Mothers’ Day, they're also a positive step towards helping the environment and will prove that you have thought long and hard about what to buy this year.”

In the kitchen and for the garden

For Mums who love to cook with fresh herbs, Sky Planters (£22.98 make a great gift and are a great talking point as the plants grow upside down. The ceramic 'sky planter' locks the plant and soil into place and a reservoir concealed in the top waters the plant, conserving water and energy. Your mum will be able to enjoy a fresh supply of herbs all year round, plus the food will be extra tasty when you drop round for supper.

If your mum has green fingers and space outdoors, you could choose a ‘grow your own herb garden’ gift voucher (£38.59) for a selection of eight baby plants to create a 100% organic herb garden. These herbs, which will grow in gardens, containers or window boxes, come in 9cm biodegradable pots making planting hassle free. Ideal for planting from early Spring, your mum can choose from: rosemary; basil; sage; thyme; parsley; mint; chives; oregano; marjoram; Vietnamese coriander; tarragon or lavender.

If you don’t want to fork out quite as much, most mothers would be really pleased with one or two of these wonderful window garden plant selections (£5.21). Each leak-proof pocket contains the compost and seeds to grow a colourful plant. Your mum just has to cut the pouch open, add the seeds, water and watch her little garden grow! You can choose from Hot Stuff Chilli, Iceland Poppy or Lavender. If your mum really likes mushrooms, this amazing oyster mushroom kit (£12.44) will be perfect. All she has to do is find an old book, follow the instructions, and you mum will soon be harvesting the ingredients for home-grown mushroom risotto.

One of the most useful presents your mum could receive this year is a practical and stylish weekplanner and wall clock (£27.53) made from recycled coffee cups. It even comes with chalk so she can write down her appointments and daily chores! Slate-like in appearance, your mum may find it hard to believe that these clocks started their lives as vending machine coffee cups. Each clock saves 80 cups going to landfill.

Gifts for mums who like the outdoors

Nothing will give your mum more pleasure than watching birds feeding, especially if it’s from a really stylish ball-shaped bird feeder (£35.74) like this one that is specifically designed to allow small birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatchers, finches and woodpeckers to feed. It has a gravity-fed feeding slot, glossy surface and unique perch system. You could team the bird feeder up with a bird watching kit (£10.43) which has everything an aspiring ornithologist needs presented in a colourful tube. There are 72 images of common British and European birds on 24 identification cards, folding binoculars, notepad and pencil for field notes, feeding recipes, a guide on ways to simplify identification and loads of information on what to do.

Buy your mum one of these gadgets so she’ll always be prepared for rain and won’t spoil her hairdo ever again. The PowerPlus Seal tells the time, date and monitors the weather with a solar-powered barometer. It is able to give a good indication of the weather forecast so your mum will always be prepared in the UK's unpredictable climate! It measures the development of pressure and temperature with highly receptive sensors, while the solar panels charge the internal battery.

Bag your mum one of these

Help your mum to ditch plastic bags and look extra stylish with a re-usable bag (£6.12). She will wonder what she did without it. They fold up small and are light enough for your mum to keep in her handbag. British shoppers get through 17 billion carrier bags and an estimated 100,000 tonnes of bags (the equivalent weight of 70,000 cars) are thrown away in the UK every year.

Rest and relaxation

Most mums are rushing around making sure the rest of us are OK so they need extra encouragement to make some time for themselves. This beautiful Chill pill aromatherapy candle (£13.22) could be exactly what your mum needs to help her relax on her special day. Or she might prefer Wild Fig and Grape (£10.16). And you can’t beat soft, new towels. So tell her to light the candles while she’s having a bath and then christen the other part of her gift - these amazingly soft bath towels made from bamboo (£15.83).

Alternatively, why not find a lovely photo of yourself and pop it in a beautiful and appropriate Mother of Pearl frame (£20.81). This one is intricately made using pieces of mother of pearl and mounted on a dark sheesham wood base. The frame is fairly traded and handcrafted using traditional techniques. Mother of pearl is a natural and renewable resource. The shells are collected with certification from sustainable rivers, where they can re-grow.

Lastly, if you feel you have to buy something floral, most mothers can always do with vases and this long-stem Tord Boontje vase (£46.97) would make a stunning present if you buy a single stem flower to go in it. Created from recycled bottles, the vases are made in Guatemala by a local artisan group who have developed skills in cutting and polishing glassware to create beautiful works of art. The Guatemalan scheme is part of a Design with Conscience campaign that aims to use design to foster humanitarian and environmental causes around the world.

EcoCentric is the home of eco chic and sells a selection of the best in sustainable design. It is a one- stop shop for gorgeous eco-homewares, the best eco-friendly paints, special eco- products, and lovely green and eco gifts for all occasions.


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