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Bournemouth, UK

2012 has been another successful year for the Nite Watches Unite community and its members. During the year Unite welcomed in excess of 20,000 new members who signed up to follow Nite watches, be part of the community and hear the adventures and sporting achievements of Nite watch owners, some of whom are well-known personalities.

The Olympics were the centrepiece of UK sport this year, and Nite was proud to welcome Olympic and World championship rower Richard Chamber on board as an ambassador of Nite watches. Chambers, winner of a Silver medal at this year’s games and a Gold medal winner at both the World Rowing Championships and Rowing World Cup Series, wears one of the latest models a Nite HAWK a super light weight (64 grams) sports watch with a carbon reinforced case.

In August, Nite-sponsored world class surfer, Ian Battrick...

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