200 Leading ASPs Identified in ASPNews’ Global 200 ASP Industry Directory Published Next Week

London UK, 30th March 2001 — ASPs around the world are eagerly awaiting the definitive list of the ASP industry’s most successful players, to be formally revealed next week on the website, and previewed by leading ASP industry authority, Phil Wainewright, during a presentation on April 3rd at ASP Summit at COMDEX Chicago 2001.

The identification of the twenty leading ASPs coincides with the publication of the ASPnews Global 200 ASP Industry Directory, compiled by Wainewright and available to order from AllNetResearch for $79.95 at,3008,2162121_1,00.....

The Global 200 directory gives details of the top 200 companies in the worldwide ASP and web services industries, including ASPs, software companies and infrastructure providers. The listing also names over 80 companies to watch and includes a preface outlining the various categories of providers included in the directory.

Publication of the global top 20 ASPs, along with the top 20 ASP infrastructure providers, will follow on the website, launching a permanent new feature on the site. ASPnews, founded by Wainewright in October 1998, is recognised as the premier source of news and analysis for the global ASP industry.

The first announcement of the top 20 will come during the opening session of the ASP Summit conference track for ASP buyers, entitled "ASP 101 - Understanding ASP Services". During the session, Wainewright will outline the wide range of ASP categories and underlying infrastructure services, and their impact for enterprises. As well as putting today's provider categories into a practical context for enterprise users, Wainewright will detail newly emerging ASP categories that will surprise some existing industry participants.

Companies selected for inclusion in the ASPnews global top 20 ASPs are rated according to five criteria.
· ASP and/or web services as their core business
· The size of their active customer base
· Demonstrable, proven revenue streams
· Innovation within the ASP and/or web services models
· Recognition as a leader by others within the industry
The Global 200 listing uses the same criteria, and also includes providers of software or infrastructure, selected according to the size of their customer base among ASPs and/or web service providers and their support for the industry.

Author and entrepreneur Wainewright is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on the ASP and web services industries. He was one of the first industry watchers to spot the significance of the emerging ASP sector in 1998, when he founded He now writes for ASPnews as a consulting analyst and continues to serve as managing editor of ASP News Review, the monthly executive newsletter published by the site, and which includes the Global 200 directory as an appendix. He is also author of a series of reports analysing business and technology trends in the ASP, Internet and web services markets, available to order via the ASPnews website from AllNetResearch.

Wainewright is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US, Europe and Asia, and is also a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the ASP Summit. A week after his appearance in Chicago, he will be in Singapore to deliver the opening session of the ASP track at Comdex Asia 2001. Further details can be found at

The ASP Summit: Get into the Game, featured at COMDEX/Chicago 2001, offers both potential buyers and sellers of ASP services a solid launching pad for understanding the benefits and opportunities that lie ahead. From getting exposure to the latest applications and technologies to learning how to build the inward-and customer-facing business case and value proposition, along with learning how to buy and sell hosted application services, the ASP Summit offers unparalleled access to the leading players and thinkers in the industry.

Detailed information, including conference schedules, keynotes and exhibitor lists, is available at:

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