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Virgin Media Pioneers 2012 get the inside track on India from its leading market entry specialist, Sannam S4

India is a global centre for entrepreneurialism so new start-ups are very welcome

October 25, 2012 – New Delhi: Winners of the Virgin Media Pioneers 2012 Indian Trade Mission opportunity today learnt about the realities of doing business in India straight from the experts.

As part of a three-day programme, the five winners spent time with Virgin’s founder and Chairman, Sir Richard Branson, and Adrian Mutton, founder and CEO of Sannam S4, a firm that specialises in helping overseas companies enter and develop in India’s complex marketplace.

The Pioneers learnt among other things:

• Half the world’s population aged under 25 live in India – so an unparalleled long-term consumer market is emerging
• India is still at the early stages of a long-term economic liberalisation programme so new opportunities are always arising
• India is a global centre for entrepreneurialism so new start-ups are very welcome.

Each of the winners - all of whom aspire to build businesses in the sub-continent –will be given £10,000-worth of free consultation from Sannam S4’s in India to help them explore and develop ideas and advance their local business interests.

Sannam S4 helps overseas organisations of all sizes from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies explore opportunities and then establish and expand their businesses in India. Sannam S4 is India's leading turnkey market entry specialist providing practical business advice and support to companies moving into India.

Adrian, who flew with the Virgin Media Pioneers from London to Delhi overnight on Virgin Atlantic, said:

"India needs entrepreneurs from both home and abroad to meet demand from a booming population. Sir Richard Branson was one of the people I talked to about my idea for establishing Sannam S4 back in late 2007. He said ‘great market, great potential, great idea, get on with it’ – so that’s what I did! Having gone through the process of dealing with India’s bureaucracy and complex regulatory frameworks ourselves, employing 75+ people and establishing four offices across the country in the last four years, we are very well placed to advise people both technically and from our own experience.

When asked about supporting Virgin Media Pioneers I jumped at the chance. It feels like the wheels have turned and now it’s my turn to help the exciting young Virgin Media Pioneers in India”.

Services offered by Sannam S4 include:

• A unique LaunchPad™ business incubation platform to safely and effectively establish new entrants in the market
• Market research/business case validation
• Due diligence on Indian partners and support with M&A
• Company structuring and incorporation of a local subsidiary
• Staff recruitment and HR advisory
• Serviced offices
• Payroll, expense management, bookkeeping, accounting
• Corporate finance, taxation and audit
• Business planning and managing local expansion and growth
• Specific local sector expertise in a wide range of industries
• Expatriate management
• Event management and PR
• Ongoing support and advice from Indian specialists.

The five Virgin Media Pioneers 2012 winners and their businesses and industries are:

• Ed Francis who wants to open a social enterprise restaurant and training school in India.

• Ravinder Ryan Deol who is keen to source and import Indian sweets and snacks into the UK for his soon-to-launch subscription snack company.

• Natasha Lipman who has set up an international political forum dedicated to giving global youth a voice to affect change in the world. India is an area of interest because it’s an emerging economy with half the world’s youth population who have something to say.

• Rob Nunn who has set up YAF, a company designed to fund, mentor and coach future pilots into their dream aviation job via the Private Pilot’s Licence; there is a huge demand for this kind of service in India .

• Kiran Yoliswa whose Styled By Africa e-commerce fashion site is exploring whether it is viable to source and sell Indian fashion through the site.

More information can be found at:

About Sannam S4

Sannam S4 is an India market entry specialist providing comprehensive, practical and effective solutions to support the market entry and ongoing business development of international organisations in India. It helps business of all sizes from all sectors as well as universities and colleges to establish and grow within the Indian market. Its hallmark offering, the India LaunchPad™, enables Sannam S4 to lift the weight of Indian market entry off its clients' shoulders.

For further information on this news, please contact Sannam S4's International PR representative, Bridget Fishleigh: +44 7946 342 903, skype: bridgetfishleigh