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World Telecom Labs Enables Cellular Operators to build own-branded VoIP service; Fightback against OTT vendors starts…

“if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”

Partners with Mondial to provide VoIP Service for Tier 1 UK operator

23 June 2015 – World Telecom Labs (WTL) today announced that its award-winning 2nd Generation VoIP switches are being used by a tier 1 operator in the UK to provide a VoIP service which enables the operator to compete with Skype and Viber.

This is the first collaboration between WTL and Mondial Telecom and provides operators with a cost-effective way to introduce new calling services which enable them to fight back against the threat of OTT (Over-The-Top) services.

The Intelligence Industry Survey 2015 found that 50% of operators see OTT competitive pressure as a significant challenge in 2015 and whilst OTT players were once considered antagonistic by mobile operators, they are increasingly being viewed from an “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em” perspective. Operators are therefore looking for ways to introduce new calling services in a bid to win back customers from OTT communication providers.

The WTL/Mondial service enables MNOs and fixed line operators to offer their own branded VoIP app which provides free or very low cost calls over wifi.

Features include:

• Ability to use the app on a regular smart mobile phone rather than having to switch to laptop or tablet to launch Skype with a voice quality equal or better than GSM networks

• Works seamlessly with subscribers' existing contacts list

• Calls are terminated and billed just like standard calls on the subscribers' tariff

• Ability to use abroad - the service has proved particularly popular when subscribers are abroad as it can be used to make calls over hotel and restaurant wifi or airport hotspots

• Extend the connectivity of mobiles where GSM coverage is poor / non-existent

• Ability to switch to 4G/3G or GSM network when moving out of a wifi zone

• Full embedded call quality monitoring

WTL’s 2nd generation VoIP switches have been installed at the UK operator’s hubs across the country. They intelligently route VoIP calls and are connected to Mondial’s software to enable device authentication, registration and billing.

WTL’s range of 2nd generation VoIP and hybrid VoIP/TDM switches have been deployed around the globe by both alternative and incumbent operators. WTL enables alternative operators to build and manage their own cost-effective infrastructure whilst older operators are using WTL’s switches to increase capacity on overstretched networks.

Vital to the success of both types of operators is WTL’s ability to efficiently transfer customer calls from VoIP networks to and from other networks whilst preserving call quality and guaranteeing zero downtime. Capable of handling 1000s of simultaneous calls, the switches can also be scaled as the operator’s VoIP business expands.

Olivier Nagelmackers, General Secretary of Mondial said, “WTL has successfully filled a huge gap for operators which do not already offer a VoIP service. This deployment has gone really well for our customer. Mondial and WTL’s team of experts have delivered a truly converged and scalable service which blurs the lines between fixed and mobile and takes advantage of the proliferation of smart phones in most UK households.”

WTL Managing Director Leigh Smith said “VoIP is a high growth market worldwide. WTL has developed a range of products and technologies to enable operators to deploy reliable and high-quality VoIP services.”

About Mondial

Founded in 1998, Mondial Telecom has developed a number of innovative mobile products and technologies that enable operators to build bridges between networks (WIFI, 3G/4G, GSM…) and between devices (desk, smartphones, tablets, laptops) for easy, cost effective communication.

World Telecom Labs (WTL)

WTL is a key VoIP player in emerging and established markets. Its award-winning range of 2nd generation VoIP and hybrid VoIP/TDM switches have been specifically designed to replace the huge, expensive, maintenance-heavy switches that have traditionally been used to transfer VoIP traffic onto other networks.

WTL’s 2nd Generation VoIP switches provide operators with a cost-effective and evolutionary path to VoIP and have been deployed by multiple operators throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In September 2014 WTL’s 2nd Generation VoIP switches were named as The Best Telecom Innovation at this year’s Nigerian Telecoms awards. They were shortlisted in the 2014 Global Capacity awards which recognise expertise in the global wholesale market. They were also shortlisted twice in this year’s AfricaCom awards in the Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa and Best Network Improvement categories.

World Telecom Labs is a Belgium-based company which also provides Pre-Paid applications and signalling gateways for emerging carriers and telecom service operators.

For more information visit and @worldtelecomlab or call WTL’s PR rep on +44 7946 342 903, skype: bridgetfishleigh or