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North Star Solar: Beating the Daylights out of Fuel Poverty

London, England – January 21 2015 - North Star Solar is a new player in the solar power sector, with a unique approach to solar installation. Focusing on the social housing sector, North Star has vowed to help alleviate UK fuel poverty by installing solar PV on roofs of social homes, cutting tenants electricity bills by 35-50% effective immediately. Current low interest rates means that North Star can securitize the roofs creating bonds that attract pension fund investors at highly competitive rates. With funding rates as they are, North Star Solar is able to install roofs for free for all tenants in social housing areas, install close to 100% of any roof portfolio, and make it economically viable in places as far north as Scotland.

Fuel poverty is a national crisis, one that needs immediate attention. Winter deaths, people who die because they are unable...

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