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This is a response to the article that was published in The Daily Mail entitled Multivitamin Pills 'can do you more harm than good' By Fiona Macrae.

It’s time to try and set the record straight, the public must be so confused, which might be the intention, about the merit of using food supplements, as one minute the nutritional industry seems to have discovered the latest wonder pill and the next we are potentially doing great harm, and yet neither extremes can be reality. Good nutrition is everyday common sense.

There is so much legislation in the nutritional industry these days it’s hard to see how we could possibly represent a statistically significant danger to the public.

There has been for some time now a European Positive List For Food Supplement Ingredients, label declaration directives, not to mention the GMO and Allergen directives etc. This was, once again, such a one sided, poorly researched, exaggerated report that...

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