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This week has seen the launch of new asset registry "The OTC Registry's" drive to offer those left in the dark by mis-sold carbon credit brokers a long term inventory solution.

Motivated in part by the collapse of VER selling operations and the impact on mis-advised investors, The OTC Registry's 'new business executive' Mathew Downes had this to say:

"For too long, unregulated investment firms have sold unsuitable investments and held them in out of reach 'Nominee' trading accounts. The danger this poses, is as has happened with City brokers recently, if the sales broker goes into receivership; it is next to impossible to verify who the beneficial owners are of the assets.

Furthermore, if a buyer was ever enticed into acquiring the credits of any particular project that the nominee clients held - how would the two parties be put in touch with one another?"

The OTC Registry is not a broker, so neither buys nor sell Carbon...

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