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Pre-register TODAY a .info domain with 1&1 Internet and benefit from a no success no fee policy!

From TODAY 6th June 2001, 1&1 will be offering low cost pre-registrations of .info domains at £10 + VAT with a no success no fee policy

· Save big delays in securing a .info address by pre-registering with the biggest European member of Afilias; 1&1 Internet

From TODAY 1&1 Internet is offering low prices and a "no success no fee" policy (no charge will be made
for a non-successful application) for pre-registrations of .info domains to businesses and individuals via 1&1 Internet is Europe's leading web services company with some 1.8 million customer domains
hosted on its systems. An estimated three million .info addresses will be registered when official registration opens - getting
ahead of the race and pre-registering a .info domain with 1&1 will prevent delays and offer a greater chance of securing your
chosen address!

1&1's pre-registration applications will be amongst the first to be considered by Afilias (See note 1) - only accredited companies
can be a part of this race! 1&1 subsidiary, Schlund + Partner AG is a founding member of Afilias and will therefore become one of
the first accredited .info registrars. Becoming an accredited company can take up to three months - first having to register with
ICANN (See note 2) and then going through a 30 day process with Afilias. So, pre-registering with 1&1 could save 30 or more
days delay in acquiring your .info domain.

Pre-registering a .info domain can prevent cybersquatting (people bulk-buying potentially lucrative web addresses for later resale)
and lengthy court room battles. The "Sunrise" period, as the pre-registration period has become known, will help businesses
protect their identity. Starting in late June and lasting for 30 days it allows businesses the legal right to register a .info domain.
During this period eligible registered trademark and service mark holders (trademarks registered before 2nd October 2000 are
eligible) are able to contest other applications to the same .info domain with Afilias.

The "Landrush" period will begin 15 days after the end of the sunrise period, approximately early to mid August. From this day
anyone anywhere can register a .info domain. Businesses will have to battle for the right to their .info domain either in court or at
UDRP (See note 3), both more cost-expensive than the WIPO (See note 4) adjustment during the sunrise-period. So,
pre-registering for a .info address with 1&1 can avert lengthy battles by being ahead of the rest and winning more rights to
registering your .info address.

".info is the only new unrestricted Top Level Domain (TLD) since the launch of .com in the 1980s so the race to register .info
addresses is expected to be fierce. Pre-registering a .info address with an Afilias accredited company is not a guarantee to a
successful application but it will mean you start the race on the front line with a greater chance of success. Our no success no
fee policy is an added benefit to businesses and individuals vying for their .info domain as many domain registration companies
will charge even if the application is rejected by Afilias," explained Andreas Gauger, CEO at 1&1 Internet.

1&1 Internet played a significant role in the business and technical elements of Afilias' bid to ICANN to operate the new .info
domain. Eric Schaetzlein (See Note 5), Director at 1&1 Internet is a board member at Afilias and is at the heart of the operation.


Note to Editors

To discuss .info in more detail with a spokesperson from 1&1 Internet Ltd contact

(1) Afilias - The registry selected by ICANN to operate the new .info TLD

(2) ICANN - The international non-profit organisation in charge of domain name registrations worldwide

(3) Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - is a policy adopted by ICANN to be incorporated by reference into a
Registration Agreement, and sets forth the terms and conditions in connection with a dispute over the registration and use of an
Internet domain name.

(4) World Intellectual Property Organization - is an intergovernmental organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland responsible for
the promotion of the protection of intellectual rights throughout the world. It is one of the 16 specialised agencies of the United
Nations system of organisations.

(5) Interviews on .info with Afilias board member/1&1 director Eric Schaetzlein can be arranged via e.g. on .info mechanics and user value of the domain

About Afilias

Formed in September 2000, Afilias is a limited liability company comprised of eighteen ICANN-accredited domain name registrars
located around the world. In the aggregate, the company's member registrars registered far more than 10 million domain names in
their last fiscal year. In addition to their strong position in the domain name registration market for the .com, .net, and .org top
level domains, the member registrars collectively offer a wide range of related Internet services, including country-code domain
name registrations, country-code registry operations, Web hosting, and ISP services.

Afilias' member registrars provide their services on a global basis with 65% having offices in North America, 53% in Europe, 26%
in Asia and the Pacific Rim, 5% in Australia, and 5% in the Middle East, some having offices in more than one region.

Afilias' member registrars include: 1&1 Internet subsidiary Schlund + Partner AG;, a division of G+D International
LLC; Corporate Domains, Inc.; Domain Bank, Inc.; DomainInfo AB; DomainPeople, Inc.; Domain Registration Services;
Enter-Price Multimedia AG (EPAG); Global Media Online, Internet Council of Registrars (CORE); Netnames International Ltd;
Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar Operations; Polar Software Ltd. d/b/a; Procurement Services International
(Japan), Inc.;; Sitename; Speednames, Inc.; Tucows, Inc.

For more information about Afilias, please visit the Afilias web site at available in multiple languages.

About 1&1 Internet Ltd

1&1 Internet Ltd, a web hosting and domain registration company based in Uxbridge, London is the UK arm of 1&1 Internet AG
based in Montabaur, Germany (a subsidiary of United Internet Group, a company of some 3,000 employees). 1&1 was
established in 1992 and employs 500 people. It currently hosts some 1.8 million British, German and French customer web sites
at its 500-server strong European data centre.

1&1 Internet Ltd entered the UK domain registration and web hosting market in June 2000. As a well funded company it is in a
strong position to deliver a high quality service at low cost.

A member of Afilias LLC, 1&1 Internet was instrumental in preparing the business and technical strategy behind the bid to run the
new ".info" and other Top Level Domains (TLDs). Several 1&1 Internet AG technical consultants have been seconded to the Afilias
technical team supporting the ".info" domain and 1&1 Internet AG Director, Eric Schätzlein sits on the Afilias board.

For more information on 1&1 Internet Ltd visit the website at

For further information please contact:
Georgina Tulloch/Zoë Snell
Oast Communications
Telephone: 01959 568530/505