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Deo-Bin food into kitchen food waste bin

A British Company is set to revolutionise the way household smells are tackled using its unique, odour absorbing technology rather than relying on harmful chemicals to disguise smells, whiffs and pongs.

Deo-Bin® is an odour destroying bin pad that offers up to 8 weeks or more of protection against smells. It can simply be peeled and placed inside indoor bins, food waste bins, pet litter trays and nappy bins, eliminating the need for air fresheners, sprays or powders that contain potentially hazardous chemicals.

With its roots in military protection, Odegon Technologies Ltd has been in the business of creating a special type of nano-porous material that traps odour molecules using a completely inert, chemical-free process.
Founder and Managing Director Tom Rawlings said: “After developing other odour neutralising products, DeoSole® a product for shoes, DeoTag® a fabric patch used in garments and DeoStrip a material used in sports bags and...

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