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Launch of Old Flames Reconnected will help lonely over 60s reconnect this Christmas and beyond

New site helps over 60s combat loneliness and find love or friendship free and safely online.

Many dating sites and companionship sites involve meeting up with a completely new stranger – Old Flames Reconnected, which launches in December 2016, only allows contact between those who are registered, and only if the other party accepts the invitation. This offers protection and reassurance for older people who may not be so familiar with the nuances of online dating etiquette. Another bonus is that the site is also free.

Old Flames Reconnected is launching in December because Christmas is a particularly difficult time for those living alone, as reported widely across the media.

Some figures on loneliness and the older population:

- 3.5 million 65+ live alone. This is 36% of all people aged 65+ in GB.
- Nearly 70% of these are women.
- 2 million people over 75 live alone; 1.5 million of these are women.
- 61% of widows (male and female) in England and Wales are aged 75 and over
- Loneliness can be as harmful for their health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Figures from: Later life in the United Kingdom - Age UK

David Muss set up the site following on from his experiences as a retired GP. He noticed many elderly people finding themselves alone again either through the death of a partner or separation.

David explains “I retired some time ago but still very aware of the dilemma faced by those finding themselves alone once more: eith er become an on-demand babysitter or dedicate themselves to their garden. I organised parties for those I knew were alone and saw several benefits develop in addition to resolving isolation.”

“I see this site as providing not only a great way to look forward to possibly another 30 years but a site that also has other, less obvious social benefits.
For example, when two individuals decide to move into one house, they free up a house, hence helping the dire housing market. Combining their finances means, for many, moving out of ‘just managing’ to having that extra to spend on fun activities: cruising, travelling, thus also helping the economy.”

The site also offers the ability to upload photos from the past and those taken in the present.

Case Studies:

Margaret age 73
“My late husband and I had just bought a new house, but upon moving in, he was diagnosed with cancer and within three months died. I was 67 at the time.
The shock was unbearable, but the reality set in! My two daughters, their children, and friends were a great comfort to me.
All these things helped to combat the great loneliness, but my heart was greatly missing my husband.
I had been widowed before when I was 30 years old with two young girls to live for, so in a way I knew what to expect and how to cope with loneliness again.
Many months after my husband’s death I heard that an "old flame" from my teenage years had lost his wife the year before and through a mutual friend we were introduced!
We had a great deal to talk about and decided to meet up periodically and spend a day together every month, then every other week and finally each week.
We got on well and had similar interests enjoyed National Trusts, antique shops, travelling, music etc. and after a year and a half decided to spend the rest of our lives together, married.”

Charles aged 70, UK

“Following 35 years of a very happy marriage, my wife died after a short illness in November 2007. My world was turned upside down but I was eternally grateful to be in full time employment so submersed myself in my work. Four years later, I retired aged 65 and wondered what the future might hold. Children, friends, charity work and a bit of golf and travel pretty much filled my empty life.

Having had such a great marriage, I had convinced myself that that was my lot and that such happiness would not come around again. However, after 5 years "in the wilderness", I was just beginning to hope that things might change - perhaps even a new relationship?

Amazingly, within a few weeks, I was contacted by an old friend who had, together with a mutual friend of ours, decided to get in touch for old time’s sake and to find out what I was up to, 46 years since we had had last been together. We met up again and embarked upon some serious catching up with our respective lives, careers, families, children and grandchildren et al.

My wife having died 5 years previously, it transpired that my old friend had also been single for several years following her partnership of 37 years. She was now a free spirit who was clearly very happy with her life.

Over the past four years, we have grown very close and now enjoy a wonderful relationship, spending time together each week as well as holidaying together on a regular basis. Magic!”

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