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Touch PreRoll, incentivises engagement

Interaction is what sets the internet apart from TV, radio and print and yet roughly 85% of all online video advertising offers little or no meaningful interactivity. There is a vast online audience, actively poised with a mouse or index finger at the ready and yet advertisers insist on rolling out the same old repurposed TV ads to a rapidly dwindling passive audience.

And when interactivity is offered? It is usually limited in scope, or frustratingly intrusive in behaviour. Rich Media expansions and overlays usually result in little more than a standard noughties microsite, with resulting engagement rates being poor on anything but the most optimal placements. Simplistic triggering methods are prone to accidental, or fraudulent activation, inflating performance, and invalidating insight.

“Let’s face it, the PreRoll overlay button is simply a repurposed click through; just another form of Display Advertising. It requires an audience to already be...

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